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Online sales tax court ruling to boost California coffers | The Sacramento Bee

They don't have time to drive down to their local target to buy toilet paper. They'd rather call Amazon Prime and get it delivered." Board of Equalization member George Runner, a Republican, said the state must be careful in how it carries out its new authority because confusing new tax laws could hurt entrepreneurs in other states. "These are frustrating tax laws that are frustrating to the taxpayer," he said. "As a result of the confusing tax laws, they don't know what to collect. That was my biggest frustration, and it still is." However, Stephanie Martz, senior vice president of the National Retail Federation, doesn't expect that the court case will have a substantial impact on small businesses. South Dakota's laws, which were upheld in the Wayfair case, require merchants to collect sales tax only if they had more than $100,000 in sales or more than 200 transactions each year. The ruling is still significant to consumers who avoided brick-and-mortar stores for their extra sales tax, she said. "I feel good about the Main Street seller without an online presence who doesn't have to worry about where people are shopping because of taxes," Martz said. The Board of Equalization used to oversee sales tax collection, but the Legislature stripped the agency of that power a year ago and handed it to the newly created Department of Tax and Fee Administration.

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