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Helpful Ideas On Practical Skin Care Programs

EPA Members of ครีม บํา รุ ง ผิว หน้า ถูก และ ดี Colombia's largest rebel group, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Farc), have embarked on what they say is their "final march". EPA Farc negotiators signed a revised peace deal with the Colombian government on 24 November to put an end to more than five decades of armed conflict. EPA Under the deal, the Farc rebels agreed to leave their camps in the jungle and move into 26 transition zones where they will demobilise. AFP The logistics of moving 6,300 fighters to the zones were not easy. AFP The government said it took 450 pickup trucks, 120 cargo trucks, 100 buses, 80 boats, 10 tractors and 35 mules to transport the rebels. EPA Many of them arrived on foot, with some of them posting pictures of themselves on social media under the hashtag #LasFarcCumplen (#FarcDelivers) EPA In one of the transition zones in Cauca province, the rebels were received by locals waving white flags EPA When the rebels arrived at the transition zones, they found that many of them had not been finished yet, prompting sarcastic tweets from some of them questioning whether they had gone to the right place. The government said it would try to speed up the work. EPA The rebels will stay in the transition areas for up to 180 days. There they will be registered, hand over their weapons and start their reintegration into civilian life. EPA The last of the Farc's 6,300 fighters are expected to arrive in the transition areas by the end of Wednesday. Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos tweeted on Tuesday that "war with the Farc is now history".

Here, beauty experts share how to get the modern make-under. Minimalist Cosmetics Makeup artist Jamie Greenberg's signature minimalist approach relies on the "perfecttrifecta"of lash extensions, tinted moisturizer and lip balm with a hint of color. "This is all a woman needs!" she says. For an easy, everyday look, makeup artist TaylorBabaiansuggests sticking with neutral matte colors. "I tell my clients to avoid lots of shine and shimmer, especially for the office or boardroom."Bobbi Brown's"no-makeup makeup" base of concealer, blush, mascara, and a touch of brow pencil gives clients "just the right amount to not look tired." When prepping clients for awards shows, she may addlashes, a touch more mascara, some eyeliner and a red lip. View photos Courtesy of Bobbi Brown Semi-Permanent Makeup NanoColor Infusion, a cutting-edge form of semi-permanent makeup where pigment is implanted into the skin with very fine, customized needles, is a secret weapon for the natural look.DominiqueBossavy, a specialist in NCI whose clients include actresses (JennaDewan-Tatum), film titans and international royalty, uses the procedure to fill in sparse brows, create thicker lash lines and add definition to lips. "I simply accentuate what people already have," she says. "Just the right amount of pretty to feel good throughout the day while always looking completely authentic." A three-treatment cycle (starting from $1,500) typically lasts for two to three years. Multipurpose Products Products that simplify skincare informative post and help cultivate the less-is-more look are increasingly popular. La PrairieSkin CaviarLuxeSleep Mask, ($330), a combination mask/night cream that's a favorite withPriyankaChopra, firms and 10 อันดับ ครีม บำรุง หน้า purifies skin overnight, replacing a fussy, 10-step evening regimen. The mask is now a top-seller, with a 17 percent increase in sales over last year, according to a La Prairie rep.Dr. Barbara Sturm, whose Molecular Cosmetics skincare line counts Cher,JadaPinkett-Smith, RosieHuntington-Whiteleyand Angela Bassett as devotees, says, "Perfect ispasse. It's the minor flaws that are charming." Molecular Cosmetics'HyaluronicAcid serum($300), which penetrates deeper into the skin to moisturize and reduce wrinkles over time, is a best-seller at Violet Grey, the cosmetic boutique owned by Cassandra Grey, wife of Paramount CEO Brad Grey. View photos Courtesy of la prairie Lasting Tress Treatments According to Tracey Cunningham, co-owner ofMecheSalon, "Many clients don't want high-maintenance and will even let themselves go during hiatus - it's much more sane." The one essential she uses on everyone (she's the colorist for Jennifer Lopez, Emma Stone, producer Stacey Cramer, agent Joanne Wiles and Sarah Paulson) isOlaplex(from $60), a pre-color treatment that strengthens hair and makes it shinier and easier to style. Another advanced procedure that drastically cuts primping time is the JapaneseRetexturizingTreatment byMilbonavailable atSalonKazumiin Beverly Hills (from $300 - $600 depending on hair length).

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